2018 the nat-2™ x Zvnder world’s first sneakers made from real fomes fomentarius | fungus | fungi | mushroom | Zunderschwamm are launched

2017 the nat-2™ x Roxxlyn ® Stone world’s first sneakers made from real stone

2017 the nat-2™ Sleek office supply sneaker objects

2017 the nat-2™ Rugged Cornboot made from recycled corn, semi-transparent

2017 the nat-2™ Real Rust Moss sneakers handmade from real rusted leather and artificial moss. Produced in Italy, aged in Germany

2017 the nat-2™ Sleek fair, natural eco tan leather version

2016 the nat-2™ Rugged Cork rain boot with recycled cork mixed with rubber and leather

2016 the nat-2™ Wood world’s first vegan wooden sneakers made from real, certified wood, fair produced in Italy incl. cork insoles, eco cotton frottee and glass

2016 the nat-2™ Sleek ultra classic high-end sneakers

2016 the nat-2™ Ref Cork sneakers made from reflective patterned real cork

2016 the nat-2™ Rainy hand-brushed pastel colour rain boots

2015 the nat-2™ x Atelier PMP ™ dreckig bleiben ™ hand-painted leather rain boots

2015 the nat-2™ x Atelier PMP ™ concrete flower ™ hand-painted reflective sneakers

2015 the nat-2™ x Mykke Hofmann™ [ holyGhost ] capsule runway collection of hand brushed champagne rose metallic shoes

2015 the nat-2™ Heat Reactive thermo-sensitive colour-changing sneakers

2015 the nat-2™ Glow in the Dark sneakers

2015 the nat-2™ Quick and Cube handmade iridescent cow fur sneakers

2015 the nat-2™ Digital high-end printed photography sneakers x espadrilles

2015 the nat-2™ Bottleboots and -slippers made from recycled PET bottles felt

2015 the nat-2™ Rugged leather rain boots Prime Chelsea grey brown

2015 the nat-2™ x Yu.Tuh™ world’s first air-ventilation-system rain boots

2014 the nat-2™ Vanish ultra iridescent flower sneaker object

2014 the nat-2™ Sneep grade A certified animal-friendly sheepskin sneaker boots

2014 the nat-2™ Multi colour-changing reflective sneakers, headwear and garments

2014 the nat-2™ LED experimental sneakers

2014 the nat-2™ real woven aluminum sneakers

2014 the nat-2™ Spacerunner 3-D and lenticular sneakers and runners

2014 the nat-2™ Camorunner line with camouflage ironed net

2014 the nat-2™ Corkster real hand-dyed colour faded cork sneaker with patent surface

2014 the nat-2™ Superoffice Series matching sneakers with mobile and tablet bags

2014 the nat-2™ Candy Bag iridescent, looking like a candy bonbon packaging

2014 the nat-2™ Water Morph Glow rain boots with hidden images becoming visible when wet and glow in the dark surface

2014 the nat-2™ Rugged leather rain boots Prime Felt grey brown

2013 the nat-2™ Bomber architectural sneakers inspired by Munich’s soccer stadium Allianz Arena and its inhabitant teams Fc Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich

2013 the nat-2™ Beanie reflective knitted

2013 the nat-2™ Shot pacifist sneakers inspired by the shape of a bullet

2013 the nat-2™ Monsneak down-pillow sneakers

2013 the nat-2™ Travel waterproofed, transparent bag collection

2013 the nat-2™ Clene metallic neoprene sneakers with transparent real cork outsole

2013 the nat-2™ After Earth Cube futuristic 3-D lenticular and iridescent sneakers for Will and Jaden Smith

2013 the nat-2™ Rugged leather rain boots Prime Sneaker grey brown

2012 the nat-2™ Vanish ultra iridescent colour-changing and metallic sneakers

2012 the nat-2™ Patch hand-brushed vintage leather patchwork sneakers

2012 the nat-2™ Denim hand-finished and woven real denim and indigo footwear

2012 the nat-2™ Quick hand-brushed vintage runners

2012 the nat-2™ x Hinrich Foundation ™ fair trade aid Rice-Bag and Fishnet capsule

2011 the nat-2™ Bone semi transparent waterproof chelsea boots

2011 the nat-2™ Elas x Rumble Martial Arts sneakers

2011 the nat-2™ Pop silicone surf sandals

2011 the nat-2™ Time x Relax LED scrolling watches and wristbands

2011 the nat-2™ Cube 100 % reflective sneakers

2011 the nat-2™ Paper shoes made from printed unrippable waterproof Tyvek ® paper

2011 the nat-2™ Trav 100% silicone surf and travel sandals

2011 the nat-2™ Rugged leather rain boots Prime Sharp grey brown

2010 the nat-2™ Jumper magic growing shopping bag

2010 the nat-2™ x Transfomers™ transformable sneaker collection [ 3 models Bumblebee ™ | Optimus Prime ™ | Megatron ™ incl. 3-D collector cards ]

2010 the nat-2™ Knitted Ethno Mountain Boot Strike

2010 the nat-2™ Ultra Light Eva-Felt Mountain Boots Laax

2010 the nat-2™ transformable 3 in 1 Mountain Hiking Boot Morph with removable “tent” and pocket

2010 the nat-2™ Moon snow boot sneakers

2010 the nat-2™ Cube unique high-top sneakers

2010 the nat-2™ Paper bags black and white made from printed ean code unrippable waterproof Tyvek ® paper

2010 the nat-2™ x Opening Ceremony ™ Tokyo capsule collection [ hand painted stripe and sprinkle 3 in 1 sneakers ]

2009 the nat-2™ Rugged leather rain boots Prime Hunt grey brown

2009 the nat-2™ x Wu-Tang ™ collection [ all black and red 4 in 1 sneakers, 3 sunglasses, 1 backpack and 1 Hudson surf sandal ]

2009 the nat-2™ Belt hand painted and decorated vintage style leather belts with studs, rivets and/or wooden buckles

2009 the nat-2™ stone washed vintage [ 3 in 1 ] boat shoes Skip

2009 the nat-2™ hand-dip-dyed Fader sneakers with colour-fading

2009 the nat-2™ Hudson massage surf sandals with air-ventilation system

2009 the nat-2™ Twist car racing barefoot sneakers

2009 the nat-2™   3 in 1 boots with removable fur and belts

2008 the world’s first real nat-2™    4 in 1 sneakers

[ patented. incl. stone washed and ltd. editions designs for Lufthansa, Red Bull, Sony Playstation… ]

2008 the nat-2™ Rugged leather rainboots Prime Biker x Prime Bully greybrown made from recycled leather which is left over from the luxury brand production and too small to be re-used for accessories

2008 the nat-2™ bio-foot bed and wedge 2 in 1 sneakers [ patented ]

2008 the nat-2™ Rainrunner rain boot – sneakers

2008 the nat-2™   2 in 1 home slippers

2007 the world’s first real nat-2™    3 in 1 sneakers

[ patented. incl. hand sprinkled and spray-painted versions ]

2007 the nat-2™ Phatpack and Bigzip giant zipper backpacks and body-bags

2007 the world’s first real nat-2™    2 in 1 sneakers

[ patented. incl. transparent, multi-zipper hidden pocket and short-able boot versions as well as aversion featuring a removable i-pod and acc. bag ]

1993 the world’s first 100% compostable shoe called “Clear – We are all people of this world”

1992 the exchangeable sustainable wooden shoe box for retailers

1984 sneakers with built in lights in the outsole

1885 patented felt press machine