nat-2™ Reduceusecycle Line

The vegan nat-2™ Sleek Low bubble wrap version.

The nat-2™ Sleek is produced under fair conditions by hand in a small family production in Italy. The style is a unique timeless classic mostly in clean white only with a changing back heel. The matching reflective material on the heel is a glass surface and the finest and smoothest available.

REMEANT ® is a fascinating innovative material made from single use plastic and a great solution for different kinds of non biodegradable waste – such as recycled bubble wrap.
REMEANT ® ‘s patented process of manufacturing ensures its qualities, making it highly durable, waterproof, easy to clean and lightweight.

From materials that are discarded, piling up in landfills and polluting the oceans into beautiful highly precious and sustainable textiles, offering an extraordinary look and unique touch of REMEANT ®.
The bubble wrap leather is 100% vegan and stands out for it’s amazing variety of shades, magnificent colors and textures. REMEANT ® fabric keeps its original appearance, doesn’t crease easily and retains its vivid color as in the first day you got it.

This is the first time this bubble wrap material is designed for shoes.

Material Facts:

Weight: 250 g/m² Thickness: 1 mm

B.S. 5690-91 – 12 kPA: After 30,000 revs: No breakdown occur, No color change

High quality, desirable, durable, water resistant, stain repellent with premium look and feel.

About the bioceramic ® material:

Features of the nat-2™ bioceramic materials [ made in Germany ]
Bioceramic ® is made from ceramic fibres and real silver yarn providing anti-bacterial and climate-regulating features, an amazing comfort and timeless clean look.

The shoe also features a real cork removable insole.

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