nat-2™ | german engineered high-end sneakers

A luxury state of the art sustainable footwear brand based in Munich, Germany. Driven by true innovation x supreme quality.

Sebastian Thies



nat-2™ Founder x Designer Sebastian Thies has risen from one of the oldest shoe-dynasties in Europe, representing the 6th generation shoemaker & -creator since 1856.


nat-2™ spoken [næt-tu]

nat-2™      |      futuristic products with a strong heritage

nat-2™   was  founded  in 2007 by Sebastian Thies, who‘s family background   in   the   footwear    industry  goes    back to 1856. nat-2™ is a highly progressive brand.

The roots of the brand lie in the early 90ies graffiti, street- and boardsport culture, admiring the innovative power of the techy, cool 80ies. nat-2™  is  about passion and style  and therefore the brand is not  stuck  with  cliches,  following its own path  and  ideas. Sustainabilty is a key and natural ever since the start.

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nat-2™ combines a strong heritage with highly innovative products inspired by german industrialism & quality.

nat-2™ features luxurious materials on futuristic high-tech items or classic and rugged styles from its archives

nat-2™ is a true pioneer in fashiontech, wearables and sustainable gadgets with a second thought.

Designed in Germany, produced in the best factories, mostly in Italy and EU.


nat-2™ is the outcome of a family business, run in the 6th generation since 1856

a true heritage | constantly looking forward, not back, without

forgetting the rich history and roots | the archives are full of endless creativity and designs

nat-2™ brings you the best from the past, present and future.


nat-2™ is sold in the finest boutiques, department stores, high end streetwear and

concept stores as well as in high profile online stores

references incl. : Opening Ceremony, Galeries Lafayette, Rinascente, Level Dubai, Manufactum, Sneakypanda, …


1856 the company „Ferdinand Fischer“ was founded with offices/factories in Germany’s region “Sachsen” by

Ferdinand Fischer (Master of Hat-Manufacturing) born in 1831. Starting with the production of felt material the factory quickly turned into a vibrant and creative shoe manufacturer.

1945 the company is lost without any remuneration to the Eastern-German government after world war II

1947 new start by Ingeborg Thies a born Fischer

1949 the company “Ferdinand Fischer KG” is re-launched in Schneverdingen, Northern Germany by Horst Fischer

1949 the company “Thies-Fischer KG” is founded

1984 the company “K&T Handels- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH” is founded in the fifth generation after Ferdinand Fischer by Ulrike Kotjan and Ursula & Matthias Thies

2006 family Thies-Fischer is celebrating 150 years developing and supplying shoes, materials and accessoires

2007 after countless launches of innovative products, 6th generation shoemaker Sebastian Thies creates the brand nat-2™ in Munich, Germany and launches the world’s first ever 2 in 1 shoe, which was developed behind closed doors over several years.

2009 nat-2™ & K&T have already won several international awards, quickly expanding the brand activities and delivering products such as the 4 in 1 Stack to more than 30 countries worldwide.

2010 nat-2™ launch of nat™ Rugged incl. the famous leather-rainboot series PRIME™

2012 Opening of the first flagship store under the name coilex in Munich, Germany

2014 nat-2™ is announced one of the 30 most creative companies in Germany and therefore Kultur- und Kreativpilot by the Federal Government and Ministry of Commerce

2014 nat-2™ presents the original LED SNEAKERS™ and ultra iridescent reflective colourchanging sneakers, accessories and garments

2015 nat-2™ launch of the eponymous Sneakerboot series SNEEP™

2015 the second generation of nat-2™ all time classic PHATPACK™ is launched

2016 development of thermo-sensitive | heat reactive | colourchanging sneakers

2016 the world’s first vegan sneakers made from real wood become a reality

2018 nat-2™ wins Peta waward for th best vegan sneekers

2019 nat-2™ launches various biotech based sneakers

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