nat-2™ is not only a brand but also an art project.

we are not striving for sales in every object we create. we take the freedom to experiment, do research, develop and dream. simply out of passion and the need to open our minds and learn.

below you find some examples of our art, which has already been shown in international renown galleries and museums.

nat-2™ x Herr Orm x Sebastian Thies [ year 2009 ] Sculpture with foam, resin, metal and spraypaint


nat-2™ “Bone” by Sebastian Thies – semi-transparent rubber chelsea with blood red elastic inspired by the clean Bauhaus aesthetics and as a reminiscence to the “Silence of the Lambs” movie. [ year 2011 ]

nat-2 Bone Boot

nat-2 Bone Boot Kopie


nat-2™ x Nick Veasey x Liza Snook of Virtual Shoe Museum [ 2012 ] – x-ray photography by the british artist. Item pictured: Clak Axe black tech 2 in 1 zipper sneaker designed by Sebastian Thies