nat-2™ Futurism Line

nat-2™ Futurism Line™ [BUY]

featuring the most innovative | original | incredible materials x techniques | concepts

nat-2™ tempting sneakers made from real bubble wrap “Luftpolsterfolie”

nat-2 Bubble Wrap Luftpolsterfolie sneaker Kopie


nat-2™ sneakers hand made in Italy from real woven aluminum x stainless steel

nat-2 woven aluminum x stainless steel

nat-2™ sneakers made from a patented ultra iridescent, colour changing surface

nat-2 ultra iridescent sneakers Kopie

nat-2™ sneakers made from real reflecting cork with glow in the dark outsole

nat-2 Cube reflective cork Kopie

nat-2™ thermo-sensitive colourchanging heat reactive sneakers

with glow in the dark outsoles